Matt can provide full service recordings for your project, from start to final masters, or anywhere in between.

Session Drumming

Matt can record real drums for your project at Solar Studio with his extensive drum collection making sure you not only get a great performance for your song, but also the right drum sound. His years of session experience mean you’ll get a passionately performed track in a very short time. If you’d rather Matt come to your studio, he’s also available to travel to the studio of your choice.  

Matt has toured most of the world with the acts 10 Years (Knoxville, TN) and former Bad Company singer Brian Howe. His current live schedule ranges from top 40 bands around the central Florida area, to the original project Are Friends Electric. He has a diverse range of styles and will bring precision and energy to your live performance like you have never experienced.


Drum Teching

Matt has been drum teching for himself and numerous others for decades. He was sought out as a session drummer, not just becuase of his playing, but the way his drums sounded. He has been teching for major label artists in all genres. With 25+ years experience as a studio drummer and recording engineer, Matt can assist you in drum selection, head selection, tuning scheme, as well as microphone selection and placement. If you don't have drums or are looking for something different or special, Matt has 7 drum kits, and additional 9 kick drums and 25 snare drums he can bring to your session.



Matt can arrange and create custom musical arrangements for your full marching ensemble , percussion section, or even just your marching drumline. He has decades of experience and will write for the strengths and level of your program’s ability.